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Beautiful Hand-Painted  New York State Susquehanna River Rocks

Here you will find one of a kind gifts for that special someone. You will find hand-painted animals big and small, beautiful flowers and foliage and more.  All of our rocks come from the Susquehanna River and in just hours, they are transformed into beautiful, life-like pieces of art. Besides our rocks you find will beautiful hand-painted ceramics, household furnishings, hand-painted terra cotta pots and more.  PLEASE stop back again soon, we add new rocks and other crafts daily..

We also host corporate events. Some of our clients include: Perfect Bath, Kinnexxus, and Fairview Plastic Surgery.

Our rocks are hand-painted with Acrylic Paints and they are double coated with a non-yellowing clear acrylic sealer, so they can be placed outside on your decks, in your garden or just about anywhere. We have to confess that most of our rocks end up inside on coffee tables, around the fireplace, used as doorstops and other creative places.  

We include care instructions for your new rock with your order.  If you are going to place your rock outside, it is a good idea to re-spray it with a clear acrylic spray once a year.  The spray can be purchased at any arts and crafts store.